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“Daft Punk” Chrome LED Helmet ,

The gold chrome finish was done by Coat of Chrome, the industry leader for this particular type of chroming in the nation. The LED kit is amazing and runs many different patterns that cycle through once turned on. It is powered by two separate battery packs using a total of 7aaa batteries that will give you plenty of battery life if your planning on wearing this all night on Halloween or to any major festival.

The helmet come with:

  • matching chromed gloves
  • stand
  • necklace
  • black neck cover

It has a built in voice changer that has a adjustable microphone and a small 2″ speaker that is mounted in one of the ear ports so when you talk it sounds like a robotI It has many different setting for the voice so you can pick and choose what robot you want to sound like. The small yellow and red lights that are positioned below the ear ports are connected to the same function as the microphone so when you speak those particular lights flash as you speak. The green lights in the ear port areas are also hooked to the same setting as the voice changer but stays on constant when turned on but then flicker as well when you talk to achieve the look of a bleep in a heart rate monitor.
The rainbow filter step up has been all redone and is filtered with 3 different levels of diffusers so no ore nasty looking led hotspots.
Fits like your wearing a motorcycle helmet. It has been foam lined for comfort and areas were left open to access the battery packs and the switches for the voice changer. This is really a one of a kind helmet and will be a show stopper anywhere you decide to wear it.

Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive item as it is made to order. If you need it any sooner please let me know and I will see if I can work something out.

This is a fan made item and we have no affiliation with daft punk.


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