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“Daft Punk” Full Chrome LED Helmet ,

The front display is a 256 LED matrix set up with super bright red leds that run multiple patters when turned out and is also blue tooth capable and via android phone you can text to the helmet and whatever you text to it will scroll across the screen. (A android phone will be provided with the purchase of the helmet). The backs of the matrix lights are painted black so no lights will be shining in your eyes and you are able to see right through/past the leds and out of the helmet. The side lights as well as the ear puck lights all run multiple patters once turned on.

The chroming was done by Coat of Chrome, the the industry leader in the nation for this particular type of chroming.

The helmet is powered by a small 4aaa battery pack that is easy to access and is recessed into the helmet. No wires running down your back and into your pockets on this particular helmet. It is 100% self contained.

The helmet come with

  • matching chromed gloves
  • stand
  • necklace
  • black neck cover

This is absolutely flawless and very comfortable to wear.

Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive item as it is made to order. If you need it any sooner please let me know and I will see if I can work something out.

This is a fan made item and we are in no way affiliated with daft punk.


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