King Bach pranks Uber driver & Glow Threads pranks back! May 13, 2016 – Posted in: City, General, Lifestyle, Movie, News, Social Media, Top 10 – Tags: , , ,


King Bach is hilarious and yesterday he decided to live stream on Facebook his Uber ride. During the ride he started pranking the driver telling him he work at a pizzeria. At some point he asked for the Wi-Fi password and it happened to be the driver’s phone number. This is the moment all hell broke lose!

Fans watching the live stream started calling in one after the other causing the Uber drivers phone to ring off the hook. King Bach tried to get the driver to keep his phone on air plane mode while spinning a crazy story about being a famous pizza chef and that Uber routs his calls to the driver based on his location.

The driver took the phone off of air plane mode and Glow Threads was ready to jump into the game. One of our very own pretended to be at the pizzeria with the huge problem! “Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are in the shop demanding that Chef-Boy-Ardee-Bach come in and make them 20 humble pies”!

King Bach didn’t miss a beat and started asking if the super stars where in the pizzeria and what should he do?

We have to give mad props to out Glow Threads team member for plugging the web site over and over and claiming that Justin was wearing a Glow Threads T and writing his demands on the shirt.


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